Can Your Kid Cook a Steak?

PorktoberQue may be the only place in Dothan where a kid aged 8-18 can turn a $10 bill into $29.99 worth of goods PLUS have a chance at winning another $50 on top of that. Academy Sports+Outdoors Kids Que is giving kids a chance to win by showing off their steak grilling skills on Saturday September 27th at the Houston County Farm Center in Dothan. Limited to the first 50 kids to enter, each contestant receives a grill they can keep, charcoal for the competition and 2 steaks to grill (thank you to Fatbacks of Dothan for providing the steaks!)
Contestants only need to turn in one steak (and can eat the other) for the competition and there’s prizes in each of the two age groups. Entry forms can be downloaded below, or call (334) 699-1475 and we will mail you one. Many thanks to Academy Sports+Outdoors for sponsoring this competition and to Fatbacks for donating the steaks to be grilled.  Also, look for in-store promotions at Academy to get free grilling lessons and learn how to cook in the weeks before PorktoberQue!

Download the Academy Sports+Outdoors Kids Que Rules Sheet

Download the Academy Sports+Outdoors Kids Que Entry Form

academy school flyer

PorktoberQue is on the Alabama Barbecue Trail

Alabama is known for barbecue. Sure, Georgia and Tennessee think they have cornered the market on barbecue, but true fans of meats smoked low and slow know that the state that is between Tennessee and Georgia (Alabama) is truly the king of Que…

Alabama combines the best elements of both of those states and has created some of the best barbecue in the country. Alabama even has its own governing board of barbecue, the Alabama Barbecue Association, who sponsors a “Alabama Barbecue Trail” with the pro winners receiving the governors cup award at the end of the season.

The ABA was formed in 2006 to oversee the Alabama Governor’s Cup, which is awarded to the professional barbecue teams with the highest overall points in their top five contests on the Alabama Barbecue Trail, which consists of sanctioned contests throughout the state. For a schedule and links to the contests click here.


It’s easy to become a member of the ABA, and you can download your form here:   Membership is $40 and any person or cook team can be a member and earn points through competitions to win the Governor’s Cup.

Who Is This Team Coming From California?

A first for PorktoberQue, we have a team from California coming to Dothan. They will be competing in the KCBS sanctioned barbecue cook off and competition and their team name is Woodhouse Barbecue. Since we’ve never had people competing from this far away (one year we did have some folks from New Mexico though) we thought we’d ask them why they were going to be bringing their west coast style barbecue to Dothan. Their reply? “It looked like a lot of fun.We are suckers for anything German, too. Plus we’ll be competing in the American Royal Invitational the next weekend, so we will be able to practice and then go to Kansas City from Dothan.”  And PorktoberQue IS a lot of fun! So when you are out there at PorktoberQue look for these folks and welcome them to Dothan!Victorville

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 3.57.02 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 3.56.09 PM


New FREE Activity Added!

As if the great entertainment on two stages, car show, and free kids activities weren’t enough… with the help of Navy Federal Credit Union, we’ve got our own game of “The Price is Right” coming to PorktoberQue! Stop by the Navy Federal Credit Union booth either day to play for free and win an awesome prize !NFCU_PMS540


Strong, Safe and Secure

With over 4 million members and $6 billion in reserves, Navy Federal is in good financial shape, even as we expand our branch and ATM network to serve our growing membership.

Our soundness is based on our exemplary business practices:

  • Your accounts are backed by Navy Federal’s assets and reserves. For an update on our operating statistics, please visit About Navy Federal.
  • We invest your savings primarily in loans to fellow members. The remainder goes in U.S. securities and federally insured banks.
  • The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. Government Agency, insures your savings up to $250,000 and the funds in your IRA up to $250,000.
  • We have never engaged in sub-prime mortgage lending.
  • We adhere to sound financial underwriting practices.
  • We provide members with professional guidance, which matches them with the right loan product option.
  • We are regularly audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, an independent auditing firm.

Beer Stein Sneak Peek

Here’s the proposed 2-color design for the beer steins that will be sold in the Biergarten until they run out:
Each side will have a different design, with the same colors on both sides (which are the Sam Adams Oktoberfest colors). Once we get them in, we will offer a special pre-sale deal here at the office. We think we will sell them in advance for $7.50 each (empty) and you can bring it to PorktoberQue and get a fill-up (and all refills) for just $2.25 each. At PorktoberQue, it will be $10 for a mug if we have any left and it will include a beer. Refills of this mug or last year’s mug are just $2.25 for draft beer. Last year we sold out of mugs on Friday night in just 90 minutes!
digthepigshirtbeer mug front2 c 2.5x2.5

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to you and your family. We feel that this holiday, a celebration of our Nation’s birth, freedom and heritage is one of the most sacred holidays in America. Please take a moment to honor our founding fathers as well as those who have served our country to keep it the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I’ve Seen Better Legs on a Piano


But the Polka DOTs can sure get the Biergarten hopping’! Share this page or this photo with your friends! flyer-8.5inx14in-h-front

When Dothan needed a polka band, these three friends sprung into action to create one. Since Dothan has been called the DOT (first three letters of Dothan) and these guys play polka music, it seemed pretty logical to call themselves the Polka DOTs. Playing in the INSIDE air-conditioned Biergarten (near the ice cold beer, bratwursts and some amazing vendors) on Friday September 26 from 6-7 and again from 8-9 PM. Featuring Dan Farrell on drums, Dan Burque on accordion, and Doug Martin on tuba.

Want to Get In Free?

All you have to do to get in to PorktoberQue for free is to wear your German-style outfit— LederHosen, dirndl, or other festive wear and we’ll let you into the polka party of the year at no cost! 1266335_569099589816766_1723370863_oThese folks got in free last year, and livened up the Biergarten!

Booking Music for the Outside Stage

As you should know, the inside stage is in the Biergarten and only features German-styled music, polkas and accordion music to keep you in the Oktoberfest spirit. But outside, we will have rock, contemporary music and even a little country to keep the crowd happy. Mark your calendar for Friday night September 26th from 7-9:30 and come out and see Kristan Mikala and the Paradox covering all your favorite songs. KMatP Banner IMG_20131222_195809_975edit IMG_20131222_210048_299