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Event Marketing
 is quickly becoming the most successful way to put your business in front of people! By being a sponsor of a fun event that draws a crowd, you can place your product, service or business in front of potential customers. Studies show that people are more receptive to receiving a marketing message when they are relaxed and having fun. Plus, when they meet you (or your staff) in a friendly, neutral atmosphere and can put a smiling face to your product or service, you gain their trust and possibly their business.

The amount of publicity, advertising and benefit you receive depends on your level of sponsorship. To make it affordable for s many businesses as possible, there are levels of sponsorship available from $250 up to $10,000. While it is true that the higher level sponsor that you are, the more benefits you receive, even the $250 sponsor can expect to receive a 2:1 ROI on their money! Download the form here, or click below:

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One thought on “Become a Sponsor

  1. I am interested in speaking to you to gather some info about this year’s porktoberque. The Wild Turkey Bourbon Bus Tour is currently out on the road for the summer/early fall and we are extremely interested in bringing the bus to Alabama!

    I was wondering if you could send me information on the festival as well as availability to participate.

    We operate out of a custom, 50’x10′ motor coach and would require a 50’x20′ footprint. During our activations, we conduct consumer tastings and offer no more than two (2) 1/4 oz. – 1/2 oz. samples of liquid (depending on the state laws) to adults 21+. We also distribute brand literature and distribute small premiums to guests.


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