Pet Friendly Event!

We love pets, and even have activities they might be interested in! However, there are a few rules that we have to enforce for everyone’s comfort and safety at our pet friendly event.

  1. All pets must be on a leash or in a carrier. 
  2. No pets are allowed inside the Festhaus. This is an indoor building where food is being prepared and served by the Biergarten and there is dancing and a reptile show in there as well. It’s a lot of distractions for pets, and we ask that this be one place you don’t bring your pet unless it is a service animal.
  3. The official pet “bathroom” area is in the grassy field behind the cattle barn (behind Prevatt Road). If your pet poops anyplace else at PorktoberQue, please pick it up and place it in a trash can.
  4. Please refrain from taking your pet into the “Tasting Tent” Saturday from 11-1. This is a large area full of BBQ meat samples, and it will be hard to control most dogs!


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