Forrest and Fields to Sponsor Wurst Cook

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Seriously, isn’t the name of this contest reason enough to enter? Wurst cook is a bratwurst cooking competition at PorktoberQue.

You don’t have to be a professional competition barbecue team to take part in some of the cooking competitions at PorktoberQue. We have two Friday night cooking competitions that welcome anyone of any age or skill level to participate. One is a baked bean competition ( and this competition, Wurst Cook. A wurst is a type of German sausage. The most commonly known wurst are bratwurst and knockwurst in the United States.

Each contestant will receive the wurst to be included in the entry. They may prepare it any way they like, and can add or combine any ingredients or garnishes with the wurst.

Each contestant must be present at the team meeting at 4:30 at the Farm Center to receive their wurst (type to be determined the day of the contest). Contestants will also receive a specially marked box to turn in their creation in at precisely 7:30 to the same building.

Winners will be presented cash and prizes on Saturday at 5:30 on the main stage.

Plus  there’s the great prizes you can win, if you recipe/dish/creation is chosen as one of the top 5. But really, it’s about the fun of competition and the great value you get when you enter.

When you pre-register you will receive 4 admission tickets to PorktoberQue. (this is a $16 value alone!) You will get to attend the team meeting, receive the bratwurst or other wurst used in the competition, and will be given a spot to set up your grill or dutch oven to compete on Friday night. You turn in your entry at 7:30 (precisely) and awards are given on Saturday. You can use 2 tickets on Friday night and 2 on Saturday if you like! Winner need not be present at awards- they can pick up any prizes the Monday after the event at the office located at 257 South Saint Andrews Street in Dothan, AL.

wurst entry

Wurst Cook will be judged by certified KCBS judges, table captains and master judges. These folks know what they’re doing, and will fairly score all the entries. 


Happy Labor Day!

I hope you enjoy your Labor Day with a nice cook out and family or friends. We usually grill out burgers on Labor Day, and I came across this recipe for some different burgers, to mix things up a bit. Hope you enjoy them, and please share any great recipes you have, too!

3 Creative Burger Recipes For Labor Day Cookouts

Courtesy of CBS Miami

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, so it’s a great time for some creative cooking on the grill. While Labor Day cookouts and BBQs often include standards like burgers and hotdogs, why not change up your grilling repertoire with some spiced up versions of summertime staples? Here are three tasty and delicious all-American burger recipes for that last official summertime cookout of the season.

Before you light up the grill, there are a few tips to help you prep the best burger meat mixture. First and foremost, don’t use the leanest ground sirloin, because it makes for drier burgers. Ground beef or ground chuck work better  for juicy burgers. When planning for a big party the easiest way to measure out burgers is to remember, six ounces of beef per burger. Always cook beef burgers to at least 160 degrees, and let the meat come to room temperature before cooking it.

Bruschetta Burgers

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For an Italian twist on a BBQ favorite, add ¼ cup parmesan cheese, a teaspoon of fresh basil, two cloves of minced garlic, and a pinch of salt and pepper to two pounds of ground beef. Shape into patties. Grill the burgers until cooked and top with thick slices of mozzarella cheese and jarred bruschetta mix. Serve on buttery toasted buns.

French Onion Soup Burger

Onion Burger, Burger, Grilling, Cook Outs, Labor Day

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Onion soup mix isn’t just for potato chip dips. For the best-ever onion burgers, add a packet of dry onion soup mix and a half cup of water to two pounds of ground beef. Mix it all together, shape into patties and grill. Of course, if you want really oniony burgers, you’re not done just there. Toppings like caramelized onions and gooey Swiss cheese will make these burgers melt in your mouth. To make perfect caramelized onions, fry sliced onions (not too thin, so slice pieces about 1/8 inch thick) in a combination of butter and olive oil on medium-low heat. And remember, caramelization takes time, so don’t try to rush the onion frying process.

SoCal Burger Knockoff

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You don’t have to live in California to get a taste of one of the top fastfood restaurant chains in the country. While In-N-Out Burger is found mostly in Southern California, burger lovers from all over the country can create a knockoff version of the chain’s signature burger this Labor Day. The trick to an In-N-Out burger has everything to do with the secret sauce, which has been the chain’s staple since 1948. So, after grilling up a batch of thin beef patties, top each one of with American cheese and serve them on toasted rolls garnished with iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickles and caramelized onions. (In-N-Out Burger puts two thin patties on each bun.) For the finishing touch, top the entire concoction with a big dollop of secret sauce.For sauce, mix together:

  • ¼ Cup mayo
  • 2 Tbsp ketchup
  • 1 Tbsp sweet pickle relish
  • ½ tsp white vinegar

Limited Edition Beer Steins Return

The first year we did ceramic beer steins, in 2013,  we sold out of them in just over 90 minutes. So, last year we got a glass beer mug (instead of the stein) because we were able to get twice as many for the same money.  We thought this was a smart business move, and would allow more people to purchase a collectable beer mug from the event.

And, although the glass mugs had our logo and were a very nice heavy weight USA made beer mug, we didn’t get the same feel from it as we did from the German-style Ceramic mug. So, we contacted a beer stein producer in Miami, FL and they did up a ceramic beer stein for us with our logo and date on one side, and the official draft beer of PorktoberQue, Sam Adams Oktoberfest, on the other side. (They sponsor the beer mugs for us, and we are very thankful of that!)

The mugs have arrived in hand, and they look and feel great! They are going to be perfect for PorktoberQue this year, and just wanted to let you know that they may sell out again on Friday night, so don’t delay in getting yours! We have just 125 souvenir steins available for sale beginning at 5pm in the Fest Haus (the air-conditioned building where the polka music is).

At this time, we anticipate selling the 18 oz steins for $12 each and it will include your first draft beer at that price. (We will wash all 125 mugs prior to September 25th so they will be ready to put ice cold beer in!) Then, each additional refill will be (most likely, based on last year’s prices) $2.50 in the souvenir mug. A 16 oz beer will cost $3.75 in a plastic cup if you don’t get the stein. You may also bring back previous year’s steins/mugs this year and receive the discounted refill price all weekend. Don’t forget to tip your bartenders… they are working for tips and even a quarter per beer adds up for them!



Your $4 Ticket in to PorktoberQue is Valuable

This just in… the back of your admission ticket to PorktoberQue this year is worth a whole lot more, thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, Jake’s Bar and Grill. All ticket holders will receive a coupon good for a FREE appetizer at Jake’s valid through the month of October. Jakes offers a wide variety of food options and is open from dinner time through your late night hours. Plus, Jake’s is the official “after party” of PorktoberQue on Saturday September 26. So, when the fun ends at the Farm Center at 7 you can head over to Jakes and use your coupon for some more fun!

You ticket is also a valuable asset in the community. Your $4 admission ticket is used to support several youth programs in the area. $1 from each ticket sold goes to the Taylor Christmas family project. Local Masons collect money each year to provide food and presents for those less fortunate in the community and working the gate and taking tickets at PorktoberQue is one of their fundraisers. Also, $1 from each ticket is designated to assist the Northview High School JR ROTC program, whose volunteers will be assisting in the parking lot parking cars. The other $2 from each ticket goes to the Houston County Farm Center (the facility we rent for PorktoberQue). The Farm Center has been an institution in the area for decades, providing facilities for equestrian, hog and cattle shows for youth and 4H programs.

Tickets for PorktoberQue will go on sale in August, and know that your ticket is good for not only fun and the festivities of PorktoberQue, but also that it helps kids in the community and you get a free appetizer in the process!

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PorktoberQue Begins Next Week

If you already haven’t marked your calendars for next weekend’s PorktoberQue at the Houston County Farm Center… what are you waiting for? There’s not any better or more affordable entertainment around! Two stages of music, car show, Ultimate Air Dogs, Reptile Discovery Program, prize wheels, pet parade, Man Cave and so much more! Make plans to attend!

beer mug front2 c 2.5x2.5 Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.28.35 AM SHH lily doginoutfit 8431_195898042787_4454152_n

Never Forget 9/11

Today, please take a moment to remember the thousands of people who lost their lives in the attacks on American soil on 9/11. As years pass, many forget this terrorist attack, but I ask you to remember the evil that occurred that day. Also, pray for the families of those first responders who gave their lives to help those in need, and pray for the families who lost loved ones that day.

This has absolutely nothing to do with PorktoberQue, but it is heavy on my heart as an American, so I chose to post it here today. God Bless America.


Kids Que to Host FREE Cooking Class in Dothan

Academy Sports+Outdoors is pleased to host two cooking classes for kids in the weeks leading up to PorktoberQue. The first one will be September 13 at their Dothan store, and professional chef Joe Whaley will show kids the importance of food safety, basic grilling information and seasoning tips and tricks. All kids who come to the free class will be entered into a drawing that day for a $100 Academy Sports+Outdoors gift card. This is a good chance to take the kids out for a free activity 9/13/14 from 1-3pm and support our sponsors of PorktoberQue!

Saturday Performer Coming From Birmingham

We are pleased to present on the main stage Saturday September 27th at 3pm Raquel Lily. This fantastic performer with her band will be a great addition to the PorktoberQue line up, and this group plays out all over the Birmingham Alabama music scene.
Recently, the city of Birmingham asked for performers to write an original song about Birmingham in their local songwriting contest. This is the song and video Raquel Lily came up with: (here’s the youtube link if it doesn’t play below )

We think you’ll love Raquel Lily when you meet her at PorktoberQue!  


Beer Stein Sneak Peek

Here’s the proposed 2-color design for the beer steins that will be sold in the Biergarten until they run out:
Each side will have a different design, with the same colors on both sides (which are the Sam Adams Oktoberfest colors). Once we get them in, we will offer a special pre-sale deal here at the office. We think we will sell them in advance for $7.50 each (empty) and you can bring it to PorktoberQue and get a fill-up (and all refills) for just $2.25 each. At PorktoberQue, it will be $10 for a mug if we have any left and it will include a beer. Refills of this mug or last year’s mug are just $2.25 for draft beer. Last year we sold out of mugs on Friday night in just 90 minutes!
digthepigshirtbeer mug front2 c 2.5x2.5