Check In to PorktoberQue!

If you’ve got a smartphone, make sure you take a moment when you come out to PorktoberQue to CHECK IN through Facebook or FourSquare!

This will allow your friends to see where you are (and join you) plus it will help us get the word out at the festival.

You can even check in to the Yuengling BierGarten or the Five Star Festhaus, as well as check in to PorktoberQue itself. It doesn’t matter where you check in, as long as you COME TO PORKTOBERQUE AND CHECK IN!

Plus post lots of photos on the PorktoberQue Facebook Page. We will feature them after the festival is over. If you haven’t LIKED PorktoberQue on Facebook, go to and like us so you can post photos of your fun on the page.

We even have an awesome PorktoberQue pig cut out that you can put your face in and post those photos! Spot at the top for tall people, and even a little flower at the bottom for the kids…



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