Competition BBQ Teams map- updated

Here is the map so far for the teams for PorktoberQue (The food vendors in that section are also shown; a couple are also competition teams.)  If your team would like a specific spot and it hasn’t already been taken, let us know what spot you’d like either by calling us or by indicating the space number you’d like on your form. If you call or email is to let us know the spot you’d like, we’ll pencil it in, but spot assignment is pending payment. If someone shows up with money while we’re holding it, regrettably, you could loose your preferred spot. Spots that we are holding pending payment are generally indicated by an asterisk *.

PorktoberQue is a KCBS sanctioned bbq competition for professional barbecue teams, and it is held the last weekend of September, the traditional weekend for an Oktoberfest. For information, call 334-699-1475

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.32.37 PM

4 thoughts on “Competition BBQ Teams map- updated

    • Site map for competitors?
      We took that down, due to a quandary we’re having with the teams only doing one BBQ event. We have prioritized space for teams doing both sanctioned events, and will put the teams only doing one into the other spaces. IF we need to create spaces we have more real estate we can use, but don’t want to start teams that far away if we don’t need to. Most likely it’ll be a couple days before when we figure out where all the pieces of the puzzle and teams are going.

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