Exciting New Format for Competition Cook Teams in 2017

We are very pleased to have a dual sanctioned competition for our barbecue cook teams in 2017. The Friday-Saturday portion will be KCBS sanctioned and the Saturday-Sunday portion will be FBA sanctioned. We will also have a KCBS backyard competition on Saturday (back yard teams don’t have to cook brisket) and each of the two competitions will have $10,000 in prize money (total of $20,000 for the weekend). There will be at least one ancillary on Friday night, possibly an additional one on Saturday night if there’s interest. Space will be limited, and pro teams paying for both competitions get first pick on the “good” spots. You may also just enter one of the contests if you prefer. We are also members of the Alabama BBQ Association, too, and points will be awarded for both pro and backyard teams who are ABA members.

The paper entry forms are getting drawn up right now. If you prefer to pay with a credit card online, you can use the link/box below. Eventbrite charges a fee to process credit cards, so it will be a little less if you pay with a check. More details coming soon!

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  1. PorktoberQue is a three day Oktoberfest and barbecue celebration in Dothan Alabama September 29- October 1st. We offer a professional division featuring a KCBS competition with turn ins on Saturday September 30 and a FBA competition with turn ins on Sunday October 1. We are also a qualifier for the World Food Championships, Sonny’s Smokin’ Showdown, the American Royal, and a draw for The Jack. There will be a total of $20,000 prize money over the course of the weekend, and there are a number of ancillaries as well.

    New this year, we will also have a backyard division. It will be based on the KCBS rules (meaning that the teams need only cook ribs and chicken to win KCBS TOTY points) but we also require back yard teams to cook a butt for the People’s Choice competition which will be held on site Saturday, September 30th. Backyard spaces for teams will be 10’x10, though a team can buy extra space if needed. There is only household power available for the backyard teams (standard plug, 20 amp). RV’s in the back yard area need to be self-sufficient (run off a generator). Water is available.

    The first 30 professional teams who sign up and pay for both the KCBS and FBA competitions will receive power and water at thier site (with an option of having 50 amp / RV power for the first 25 who pay, if that type of power is requested.) The next 20 pro teams who sign up (or teams only competing in the KCBS or FBA aspect of the event) will have household power at their site (no RV plugs), and need to bring a 100′ hose ans splitter for water, and are further from the turn-in judging area. All pro team spaces are 20′ wide x 40′ long. Extra space, if needed, may be an addidional charge. Please let us know your specific needs if you do not conform to the 20×40 space of if you have questioons, because much of this is confusing!

    These prices are if you are paying by credit card. Eventbrite charges a fee for processing. If you are going to send a check, entry prices are as follows: Combined entry- $500, Single entry- $300 per KCBS/FBA. Backyard is $75 to compete in the KCBS chicken and ribs judging, and you must also cook at least one butt for the People’s Choice.

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