Free Booth Spaces for Non-Profits

We started PorktoberQue last year with the belief that we could benefit many non-profits (besides the ones directly receiving financial support from ticket sales) by offering free booth spaces to any non-profit interested in getting their message out or raising funds through event marketing. We are continuing in that spirit again this year by giving away 20 booth spaces to non-profits, Civic Clubs or Churches who are interested.

(Unfortunately, these free spaces are not allowed to be utilized to sell food or drinks, but you can sell other items, fundraise, hold a drawing, or just distribute information about your non-profit or cause.) There is a refundable $50 deposit for your space to hold it, and this will be refunded to you on Saturday September 28th at the event assuming you showed up to your booth space.

Last year, we had several non-profits claim a free space, but failed to show up leaving us with gaps in our venue layout. We are hoping if the non-profit is ‘invested’ in their space with a $50 check then everyone will show up. If a person or group fails to show up for the festival, regardless of the reason, their deposit will not be returned.

The form is attached and if you have any questions, call me at (334) 699-1475. Also, if you are going to be doing a free activity at the event to involve the community, we will help you promote your activity (see web post here for an example)   Otherwise, we ill just list your booth here on our page –

Space is available on a first come basis, and we have already had 12 people claim their booth spaces, leaving us with 8 more to give away, so get your form in quickly if you are interested!

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