Academy Sports+Outdoors KIDS QUE

Confirmed Competitors

Junior Division (ages 8-12)

  1. Micah B. from Ashford, AL
  2. Gabe H. from Dothan, AL
  3. Cristian G. from Dothan, AL
  4. Gabriel L from Dothan, AL
  5. Lilli H. from Greenwood, FL
  6. Harrison M. from Dothan, AL
  7. Cheyanne H. from Skipperville, AL

Senior Division (ages 13-18)

  1. Alice N. from Opp, AL
  2. Erin S. from Dothan, AL
  3. Kayla C. from Dothan, AL
  4. Austin H. from Greenwood, FL
  5. Landen K. from Dothan, AL

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