Confirmed Judges

KCBS Judges Confirmed

(if you signed up to judge, please check your email for instructions on how to confirm your participation!)

  1. Charles Golden
  2. Cheryl Farrow
  3. Charles Farrow
  4. Kevin Chartrand
  5. Carol Chartrand
  6. Dale Chartrand
  7. Greg Horshok
  8. Debra Phillips
  9. Robert Phillips
  10. Steve Askew
  11. Lash Askew
  12. Victoria Hersom
  13. Connie Washam
  14. Elliot Cohen
  15. Steven Cohen
  16. Mary Beth Allison
  17. Steven W. Knuckles
  18. Greg Hester
  19. Ken Chascin
  20. Louis Goldman
  21. Myron Berry
  22. Richard Scott
  23. Beth Reece
  24. Tom Reece
  25. David Smith
  26. Rich Yeskis
  27. Patricia Embree
  28. Scott Embree
  29. Rick Deal
  30. Tim Giebeig
  31. Pam Geibeig
  32. Kent Harriss
  33. Jodi Harriss
  34. Ken Fluker
  35. Jim Frazee
  36. Paul Phillips
  37. Mike Grant
  38. Marcus Dabai
  39. Ed Shemanski
  40. Dwight Wilholt
  41. Bryan Durta
  42. Ted Perry

FBA Judges

(if you signed up to judge, please check your email for instructions on how to confirm your participation!)

  1. Cheryl Farrow
  2. Charles Farrow
  3. Susan Green
  4. Alison Strachan
  5. Timothy Strachan
  6. Elliott Govorchin
  7. Steve Askew
  8. Lash Askew
  9. Connie Washam
  10. Scott Embree
  11. Pat Embree
  12. Elliot Cohen
  13. Louis Goldman
  14. Beth Reece
  15. Tom Reece
  16. Rick Deal
  17. Tim Giebeig
  18. Pam Geibeig
  19. Kent Harriss
  20. Jodi Harriss
  21. Anna Long
  22. Pat Brannen
  23. Leonard Brannen
  24. Dave Grabow
  25. Jim Frazee
  26. John Kelley
  27. Paul Phillips
  28. Varinnia Colemere
  29. Scott Colemere
  30. Marshall Wiseheart
  31. Elliott Govorchin
  32. Marshall Wiseheart
  33. Ed Shemanski
  34. Bryan Durta
  35. Peter Gronbeck
  36. Roland Greenwalt

6 thoughts on “Confirmed Judges

  1. I am a KCBS certified judge and am interested in tasting and judging some outstanding BBQ at the Porktober Que. I did not see a judge application on the website and am forwarding my information for consideration.

    Greg Horshok
    CBJ # 88139
    3831 Bergerac Ln
    Ocean Springs, MS 39564
    (228) 369-0311

    • Judges forms go live tonight after midnight on this page (if all goes as planned!) If it doesn’t go as planned, then we go live tomorrow after I get back to work.

  2. I am a KCBS master judge and have judged your contest last year and had a good time. I think I successfully applied this year but was a little confused by the language. Could you please confirm my application is in the pile.
    Lynn Walton

    • I currently have you on the waitlist. As more teams sign up, I’ll know more about how many judges we will need. It’s still a few months off, so please be patient as we wait on team applications.

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