So many great beers!

We have 2 draft beer trucks this year at PorktoberQue selling 10 different beers on draft as well as numerous canned beers available.

Here’s some of the beers we have available this weekend at PorktoberQue

Folklore Oktoberfest 
Folklore Golden Hawk Kolsch
Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest 2017
Hofbrau (Munich) Oktoberfest
Goat Island Oktoberfest
Goat Island Hefeweisen
Omaha Dunkle
Omaha 762 (imperial brown)
Omaha Gnat Knocker German Helles-style Lager
Props Brewery Oktoberfest

I might have missed one…. PLUS canned beer from Folklore Brewing & Meadery and Goat Island Brewing as well as Bud LIght and Michelob Ultra.

KJAMS concert Friday night at 7!

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