Team From WHERE?

The M&G BBQ cook team is coming to compete at PorktoberQue from Oostelbeers, a city in North Brabant, Netherlands . They compete in barbecue competitions in Europe and decided they wanted to try to compete in the US at a contest and PorktoberQue coincided with their vacation schedule this year. Because they can’t fly their pit over, kind folks within the BBQ community are lending them pits, equipment, wood and also helping them feel at home in Dothan. Here are a few photos of the team, Mike and Gerta. Please say hi to them when you are at PorktoberQue!

What’s an Oktoberfest without POLKA music?


German polka band music is kind of an acquired taste for many. But any Oktoberfest celebration wouldn’t be complete without the “oomp -pah- pah ” sounds of the accordion-led band.

Though some (who don’t live here) might find it hard to believe, Dothan doesn’t have a polka band. Heck, we couldn’t find one for 90 miles in any direction! And the super awesome famous bands are booked during Oktoberfest season (mid September through Halloween) and cost an arm and a leg. So what to do?

Fortunately, Dothan (called The DOT by some of the young hipsters) has an abundance of skilled musicians. I found a talented accordion player who was willing to take on the challenges of leading a band for the purpose of polka music, and they already have a drummer willing to make it happen. Just looking for a tuba or bass player and a clarinet to round out the mix and we’ll have Dothan’s first polka band. They will play several short sets during PorktoberQue to entertain the crowd, and get everyone in the mood for OktoberFest.

And the name of this band? Since it’s comprised of people from the DOT, it’s an obvious choice as to what they should be called. THE POLKA DOTS.
Admission to PorktoberQue on Friday from 5-9pm and Saturday from 10-9 is FREE to the general public.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy the fun without breaking the bank, plus there will be some great food and shopping with vendors and a full-scale KCBS barbecue competition.

For more information on PorktoberQue, call (334) 699-1475