PorktoberQue Again Offers FREE Booth Spaces to Non-Profits

DOTHAN, AL – For the third year in a row now, PorktoberQue has free booth spaces to offer to non-profits, churches and civic groups who are interested in using PorktoberQue as a platform to promote their cause, raise awareness or have a fundraiser.  We have designated 10 FREE spaces exclusively for non-profits, and they are available on a “first in” basis. (Meaning, the first 10 in with their refundable deposit get the spaces.) Non-profits will receive their $50 deposit back at 6pm on Saturday September 27th after attending the event.

New this year— after getting feedback from last year’s non-profit groups— there is an option to get electricity or have an indoor space for a small fee. Because the Houston County Farm Center charges for the use of each electrical outlet as well as a charge for the use of the buildings, we have to pass that cost on to the vendors who utilize electric or the air-conditioned building. Though regular vendors pay $75 for an inside space, we will allow non-profits to upgrade to an indoor space for $25. This $25 fee is non-refundable. (A non-profit vendor who wants an inside space would send in $75 and receive $50 back after the event is over.)

“Our goal at PorktoberQue is to create a central location for Non-Profits to raise awareness and funds. It seems like there are so many charitable events every weekend, we wanted to create one event that showcased many non-profits good work in a concentrated area. Eventually, it would be great if smaller charities all came to utilize PorktoberQue as a way to get the word out about their cause,” stated event organizer Kerry Farrell.

“The only limitations on the booths spaces are that the free booth spaces aren’t allowed to cook and sell food on site (though pre-packaged bake sale items are welcome) and they aren’t allowed to sell used merchandise as in a rummage sale. However, these booths can be used to distribute information, to sell new merchandise, to hold a raffle or even sell tickets to an upcoming fundraising event.”

For more information, to have a form directly emailed to you or to learn more, please call The Main Event at (334) 699-1475 or print and mail the form below today to reserve your booth space. Vendors accepted to participate in the festival September 26-27 at the Houston County Farm Center in Dothan, AL will be notified and their name placed on the web site at http://porktoberque.com/activities/participating-vendors/

2014 nonprofit booth

What to Expect at PorktoberQue

Besides laughter, good memories and family fun, what should you expect and plan for at PorktoberQue? Here’s a TOP 10 list of things to remember to make your visit enjoyable:

  1.  No coolers are allowed in the gates. Sorry. We have plenty of food, beer, water and other items for sale, though!
  2. Bring a camera! For the Reptile Discovery Program, for the Car Show, for the “stick your head through a hole and be the PorktoberQue pig” cut out…. there’s lots of photo ops!
  3. Bring sunscreen for the kids (and yourself!) on Saturday. Lots of outside activities including the free inflatables, free putt putt, free car show, and loads of shopping— about 80% of the festival is in the sun. If you get hot, we have air-conditioning in the Biergarten.
  4. Yes, there’s beer for sale, but it’s still family friendly. It’s not a drunk fest, but rather a fun event for people of all ages and no one who is intoxicated will be served.
  5. Even if you’re 75 years old, you need a valid ID to purchase beer. It’s Alabama state law and we follow those laws and rules. Everyone purchasing a beer needs to get their ID verified and get an armband.
  6. Bring some money to purchase BBQ and great food both days! There’s also a People’s Choice tasting tent that’s an additional $10 on Saturday. Proceeds benefit NHS cross country program.
  7. There are a few activities for kids that cost extra, like the NASCAR simulator, the pony rides, the mini-helicopter rides and things of that nature. The cornhole tournament is also extra, $20, and you need to register in advance to get your team a spot.
  8. There’s no extra cost to go into the Man Cave and watch the football games or enjoy the fun!
  9. Admission is just $2 per person per day, kids 6 and under are free both days. Wear Lederhosen and get in free!
  10. There is shopping with a wide variety of vendors both INSIDE the air-conditioned building and also outside. Make sure you check both out!

PorktoberQue is September 27th from 5-9pm and also September 28th from 10-9. List of bands playing on two stages both days is above under the Entertainment tab. See you there!

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We are pleased to announce that Dothan’s new craft brewery, Folklore Brewery and Meadery, is partnering with ProktoberQue to provide free samples of a couple of their hand-crafted beers Friday evening at the event.  We are planning on the beer tasting being in the Man Cave, between the air-conditioned Biergarten and the competition teams, but may move the sampling into the Biergarten in the event of excessive heat or inclement weather.  The sampling is scheduled for 6-8pm. A valid ID is required to sample or purchase beer, regardless of age (PER Alabama Beverage Control law). No ID, no beer.Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.25.58 AM

Information on Folklore, from their web page:
Besides the 4 of us, we have another family to take care of…Honey Bees!  We currently have 5 bee hives and hope to continue to grow that number over the coming years!  Beekeeping is an integral part of taking responsibility over the health and life cycle of the honey bee population in the US and the world.  We only harvest the excess honey the bees can produce so they have enough honey during winter!

Folklore is a story of 15 years of brewing experience and obsessive compulsive fermentation genius!

We are currently in the final stages of licensing and build out.  As our primary equipment is currently being built, we hope to be up and running by August this year.  Draft beer will be on tap in Dothan, AL as of September 2013.  Soon after we will be offering high gravity specialty beers and braggot’s.  Braggot is Beer with honey and is usually quite strong.  Next spring we anticipate offering Mead and small batch Estate Mead produced from our own hives on our farm!

Camping World of Dothan to Stage Massive RV Show and Sale at PorktoberQue

389302_428013413882663_1419159809_nHave you ever wandered what it would be like to travel the open road in the comfort and luxury of your own RV? An RV can give you the freedom of traveling at your own pace, sleeping in the comfort of your “home on wheels” and allowing for the flexibility of changing plans at any time. Plus, you can travel with pets, kids or friends at no extra expense at hotels, and saving money on food along the way.

During PorktoberQue, Camping World of Dothan will on on site (on the midway area) with a vast selection of campers and recreational vehicles and you can walk through different models to see what this lifestyle might offer your family. Friendly salespeople will be on hand to answer your questions, and set you up with a test drive if you like. As a bonus to people attending PorktoberQue, Camping Wold of Dothan will have special pricing available during this weekend only. Thousand of dollars in savings will be available only at PorktoberQue, so if you are thinking of getting a camper or RV, this is the time to do it!

Large CW logoPorktoberQue is Dothan, Alabama’s Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) sanctioned barbecue cook-off competition with an OktoberFest feel. Besides great food and cold beer, the event features a car show on Saturday morning, barbecue samples Saturday afternoon, live music both Friday and Saturday, an indoor Biergarten providing a comfortable air-conditioned climate and free activities for families and kids all weekend. For an updated schedule of events and activities, please visit http://porktoberque.com/activities/

Yuengling Named Official Beer of PorktoberQue

PorktoberQue is pleased to announce that Yuengling Beers will the Official Beer of PorktoberQue. What makes this super-duper awesome (because, that announcement in itself was awesome, but there’s more!) is that they will be bringing at least three different Yuengling beers to drink/ try at PorktoberQue, including one Dothan’s not had much access to previously!

For the people who are already Yuengling fans that enjoy their best selling traditional lager— don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.  We’ll have your traditional Yuengling Lager, and Yuengling Light available in the Festhaus and BierGarten. We are also looking at bringing in Black and Tan— if enough people indicate they like that beer or would be willing try it.

Here’s the awesome bonus. America’s Oldest brewery makes a traditional Oktoberfest beer once a year and distributes it to various regions who request it. It’s been difficult to find in parts of Alabama, but attendees of PORKTOBERQUE are in luck! We’ll have some fresh kegs of draft brought in by truck just a few days before the event! You can taste America’s best crafted, American owned and brewed traditional Oktoberfest Lager here in Dothan at PorktoberQue. As soon as we get more information on the Oktoberfest (and can post some photos and a description of its flavor characteristics) we’ll put the information up here. We’re looking at keeping the price of beer reasonable, hopefully in the $3.25- $3.50 range. All of those details are still being worked out, but we wanted to hare with you how awesome Yuengling Beer is for being the Official Beer of PorktoberQue 2012.