Still Time to Get your Dirndl!

What’s a dirndl, you might ask? Wikipedia says, “A dirndl [?d??ndl?] is a type of traditional dress worn in southern Germany – especially Bavaria –, Austria and South Tyrol, based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants. ” It is the traditional dress of Oktoberfests across the world, and a dirndl consists of a bodiceblouse, full skirt and apron. While appearing to be simple and plain, a properly made modern dirndl may be quite expensive as it is tailored and sometimes cut from costly hand-printed or silk fabrics.oktoberfest-girls-dirndl-beer-05

However several online retailers offer affordable dirndls you may won’t to look at so you come to PorktoberQue in a great outfit. (And don’t forget- you get in free when wearing a dirndl or lederhosen!) We are not affiliated with any one shop or store, so look around for sales and good deals. Here are a few that we found