Saturday Entertainment- Featured Bands

Saturday, the music will start just at 11:00 with Michael and Julia followed by Low Emission Vehicle at noon. The Kids Que Awards will be on the main stage at 1:30 and then Dave Dale and the Salt Water Cowboys will perform at 3:30pm. You will love their laid back style and fun tunes! Of course, all the music on Saturday, as well as BBQ samples, the polka stage, car show and vendors are all included in your $5 daily ticket.  Check our Facebook page frequently for ticket giveaways, or you can buy a weekend armband at The Thirsty Pig (downtown) for just $7 through September 15th.

Dave Dale and the Salt Water Cowboys

Enjoy PorktoberQue Responsibly…. But If You Don’t, We’ve Got You Covered!

cargoes┬áCar Goes is Dothan’s newest way to get yourself and your car home after a night on the town when you shouldn’t be driving. What makes this service unique is that the husband and wife team drive you home in your car while the other one follows in their vehicle. This allows the man to drive a man home, or the woman to drive the woman, so there is a greater level of security involved. Plus, your car makes it safely home and you don’t have to worry the next day about how to get your car back. Car Goes will have a booth in the PorktoberQue Biergarten and will be handing out information and speaking to folks who are curious about the service. They will also be available both days of PorktoberQue if someone feels they are not safely able to drive home for any reason. Contact them at their booth, or notify a Biergarten worker if you need this service during PorktoberQue!