Free Earrings for helping the Food Bank!

It’s touching to see someone who cares passionately about a cause, and we’re thrilled to tell you about one of our vendors who is helping make a difference.

Karen’s Creations will be offering free earrings from her booth for all who bring $5 worth of canned food for the Wiregrass Area Food Bank to PorktoberQue on September 27-28. Her booth will be located inside the large commercial building, where the indoors Biergarten will be located, across from the restrooms.

Here’s a message I received from her about this promotion.
“Since the Food Bank is running so low these days, let’s use PorktoberQue as a way for folks to donate to the cause and I will give those who donate a free pair of earrings at my booth that day. Along with youth from my church, I will have an extra table set up to receive donations for the Food Bank and anyone that brings at least $5 worth of food gets a free pair of earrings at my booth. Last year, at the 2012 PorktoberQue, we┬áraised over $100. in cash donations and over 40 lbs. of food donated. Which translates into 928 meals donated to people in need in our community! How awesome! Let’s try to double that figure this year.”

We think it’s an AWESOME idea and encourage everyone to take advantage of the offer! Heck, let’s make Karen work her little fingers to the bone making earrings to give to the thousands of people who might support this! Look for her booth inside the Biergarten area and bring lots of canned food for the Food Bank! (The Biergarten is an inside music venue with vendors and drinks for sale. It’s completely family friendly in that children are welcome !)