High Tech Voting

The People’s Choice competition sponsored by Five Star Credit Union has gone high tech this year, thanks to BAMTEXT. Now, spectators to PorktoberQue will vote for their favorite team’s barbecue by texting the team’s assigned number to a local databank. Sampling barbecue is FREE this year and included in your $5 admission ticket, and takes place between 2-4 on September 30th.

The results are tallied and posted in real time and when the People’s Choice competition is over, everyone will know the winning team’s number at the same time.  Only one vote per cell phone is permitted. You can follow the voting results on Saturday, September 30 by clicking here : https://a1.bamtext.com/voting/porktoberque

Here’s what the voting will look like (team numbers assigned on Friday night).


Weekly Free Ticket Giveaway

It’s again time to give away some tickets! We’ve already given away a couple dozen tickets to PorktoberQue, so maybe you’ll be next! You can enter by clicking this link: PorktoberQue giveaway

Or you can visit our facebook page and enter from there: https://www.facebook.com/PorktoberQue

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.36.03 AMPorktoberQue is Dothan’s Oktoberfest combined with a barbecue cook-off. Besides competitive BBQ cooking, there’s a steak cook off, a bacon competition, and a kids cook. The adult competitions are qualifiers for the World Food Championships later this year in Orange Beach, Alabama. For information on how to enter a cooking competition please all 334-699-1475

Another Ticket Giveaway is LIVE

Enter Here at this link to win 4 tickets to PorktoberQue:
PorktoberQue Ticket Giveaway

Or visit our Facebook page to enter  https://www.facebook.com/PorktoberQue/ and click on the Giveaway tab at the top. Good luck!



PorktoberQue is Dothan’s Oktoberfest, held at the Houston County Farm Center the last weekend of September. This year it’s September 23-25 (three days long!) and features polka music, beer, ultimate air dogs dock diving competition, barbecue competition, steak cook off, bacon recipe competition, car show, vendors, food, outside stage, inside Festhaus, kids cook off and more.

Free Ticket Giveaways begin NOW

We love PorktoberQue, and hope you do, too. We’ve gotten 100 tickets to give away in the 2 1/2 months between now and PorktoberQue, September 23-25, so we figured we’d better hurry up and start giving them away! This week, we are giving away 4 tickets. They are good for 4 people on either Friday or Saturday, or 2 people to come each Friday and Saturday… and here’s the bonus… save your ticket stubs from either day and you can get in free on Sunday!  You can enter by clicking the link here:

PorktoberQue Ticket Giveaway

Or visit Our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PorktoberQue/ and click on the GIVEAWAY tab. Also, if you would be so kind as to share this info with your friends we would appreciate it!
Happy 4th of July to all!

You Could Win Free Prizes This Weekend!

Two of our sponsors (possibly a couple more we don’t know about yet) are having a prize wheel at PorktoberQue this weekend. That means you can go to their booth and spin the wheel for free to try to win  great prizes!

Stop By Navy Federal Credit Union‘s booth and play a FREE round of their version of “The Price is Right”. Everyone who participates receives a prize, so make sure you come on by and have some fun at PorktoberQue! NFCU_PMS540





Also nearby, the Island View Casino from Gulfport Mississippi will be bringing their own prize wheel that you can spin to win some great gifts! Make sure you stop by these two FREE booths and you can win some fantastic prizes just for coming to PorktoberQue! Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 2.55.42 PM

Get a FREE Ticket NOW!

For a very limited time, we are giving away one free ticket per email address. You can even print your ticket from your computer printer and you don’t have to purchase anything to get a ticket! Just go to this website ( http://www.thebigddeal.com ) sponsored by the Dothan Eagle and click through their offer. The offer ends in 10 days or when their supplies are exhausted, so hurry and print off your FREE ticket! IMG_2777

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 1.29.24 PM

Free Earrings for helping the Food Bank!

It’s touching to see someone who cares passionately about a cause, and we’re thrilled to tell you about one of our vendors who is helping make a difference.

Karen’s Creations will be offering free earrings from her booth for all who bring $5 worth of canned food for the Wiregrass Area Food Bank to PorktoberQue on September 27-28. Her booth will be located inside the large commercial building, where the indoors Biergarten will be located, across from the restrooms.

Here’s a message I received from her about this promotion.
“Since the Food Bank is running so low these days, let’s use PorktoberQue as a way for folks to donate to the cause and I will give those who donate a free pair of earrings at my booth that day. Along with youth from my church, I will have an extra table set up to receive donations for the Food Bank and anyone that brings at least $5 worth of food gets a free pair of earrings at my booth. Last year, at the 2012 PorktoberQue, we raised over $100. in cash donations and over 40 lbs. of food donated. Which translates into 928 meals donated to people in need in our community! How awesome! Let’s try to double that figure this year.”

We think it’s an AWESOME idea and encourage everyone to take advantage of the offer! Heck, let’s make Karen work her little fingers to the bone making earrings to give to the thousands of people who might support this! Look for her booth inside the Biergarten area and bring lots of canned food for the Food Bank! (The Biergarten is an inside music venue with vendors and drinks for sale. It’s completely family friendly in that children are welcome !)


Free Booth Spaces for Non-Profits

We started PorktoberQue last year with the belief that we could benefit many non-profits (besides the ones directly receiving financial support from ticket sales) by offering free booth spaces to any non-profit interested in getting their message out or raising funds through event marketing. We are continuing in that spirit again this year by giving away 20 booth spaces to non-profits, Civic Clubs or Churches who are interested.

(Unfortunately, these free spaces are not allowed to be utilized to sell food or drinks, but you can sell other items, fundraise, hold a drawing, or just distribute information about your non-profit or cause.) There is a refundable $50 deposit for your space to hold it, and this will be refunded to you on Saturday September 28th at the event assuming you showed up to your booth space.

Last year, we had several non-profits claim a free space, but failed to show up leaving us with gaps in our venue layout. We are hoping if the non-profit is ‘invested’ in their space with a $50 check then everyone will show up. If a person or group fails to show up for the festival, regardless of the reason, their deposit will not be returned.

The form is attached and if you have any questions, call me at (334) 699-1475. Also, if you are going to be doing a free activity at the event to involve the community, we will help you promote your activity (see web post here for an example) http://porktoberque.com/entertainment/activities/free-putt-putt/   Otherwise, we ill just list your booth here on our page –http://porktoberque.com/participating-vendors/

Space is available on a first come basis, and we have already had 12 people claim their booth spaces, leaving us with 8 more to give away, so get your form in quickly if you are interested!

nonprofit booth

Free Putt Putt (mini-golf) for all!

While you’re at PorktoberQue, if you need a small break from the music, food and shopping then head over to Victory Baptist Church’s 9-hole Putt Putt course for a free round of golf. The church brings the putters and the balls, and all you need to do is have fun! 1368475750849 1368475692953 1368475787544 1368475664157 1368475639280 1368475626860 1368475639280

The Pastor for Victory Baptist Church explains how it works, “I am Greg Wilmore, pastor of Victory Baptist Church located at 2284 Third Avenue Dothan, Alabama. In an effort to have a unique service to Dothan residents at local festivities in Dothan, we decided in 2012 to build our own portable putt putt course. Each of the nine holes differ in design and difficulty which makes the course a challenge for all ages.

Our course is a FREE event for kids of all ages, but donations can be made to Victory Baptist Church c/o youth fund. This event gives us the opportunity to interact with local residents and share information about our church, as well as Jesus Christ.
This is the second putt putt course I have built. The first one is at a church in Central Indiana. The concept was born out of a need for large items  that can be used regularly for our church ministries. I have built other items such as a “Magic Box” large enough to make a grown man disappear, and I am currently finishing a “Military Tank” to be used as a prop for our 5 week long military themed summer Vacation Bible School. Find more information about us at www.vbcdothan.com or find us on Third Avenue one block South of the Circle behind the KFC. ”


Check In to PorktoberQue!

If you’ve got a smartphone, make sure you take a moment when you come out to PorktoberQue to CHECK IN through Facebook or FourSquare!

This will allow your friends to see where you are (and join you) plus it will help us get the word out at the festival.

You can even check in to the Yuengling BierGarten or the Five Star Festhaus, as well as check in to PorktoberQue itself. It doesn’t matter where you check in, as long as you COME TO PORKTOBERQUE AND CHECK IN!

Plus post lots of photos on the PorktoberQue Facebook Page. We will feature them after the festival is over. If you haven’t LIKED PorktoberQue on Facebook, go to https://www.facebook.com/PorktoberQue and like us so you can post photos of your fun on the page.

We even have an awesome PorktoberQue pig cut out that you can put your face in and post those photos! Spot at the top for tall people, and even a little flower at the bottom for the kids…