Friday (September 29) Entertainment Details

On Friday, September 29 we have a full night of entertainment at PorktoberQue ! The gates open at 5pm, and you can bring a lawn chair so you can have a seat for the outdoor concerts. Outside, Alice Nelson will begin entertaining at 5:30 and is followed by Otha Allen  at 5pm. Then, local legegends, the KJAMS will play from 7-10.

There’s lots of great music to listen to!

Inside, the Polka Dots of Dothan will take the stage around 5:30 and perform polka music all evening for your Oktoberfest enjoyment.

Entertainment Schedule for PorktoberQue

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.12.52 AMAlso, you may notice the “TBA” that is Saturday on the outside stage at noon. The Alabama Music Association is filling that slot with a bunch of artists who will each perform on or two songs. The list is as follows:

Kyle Brigham.……Award wining State(Alabama Music Association) and National(North America Country Music Association International)    Male/Traditional Country Artist
Vikki Latner.……..Award wining State(Alabama Music Association) and National (North America Country Music Association International) Female /Traditional Country Artist
Jimmy Harris…..Award Wining state(AMA) & National(NACMAI) male Traditional Country Artist 50+
 Nori Hendrix………Award Wining State Female Traditional Country Artist
Tucker Wilson….. Award Wining State  Youth Male Traditional Country Artist
Deanna Johnson….. Award Wining State and National Youth Female New Country ARtist
Avery Griffith…… Award Wining State Youth Female New Country Artist
Mike Turner….  Award Wining State Male Traditional Country
Summer Waters…….Award Wining State  Youth Female New Country
Ryan Waters……….Award Wining State  Male New Country
Also, we have several gospel and praise bands lined up on Sunday, September 25th. We’ll get that list updated soon, but it includes
  • New Freedom Praise Band
  • Glory Revealed
  • Headland Female Gospel Chorus
  • Allison & Tabitha     Award wining state and national  New Gospel Duo of the Year
  • Avery Griffith          New Gospel Artists
  • Mike Turner           Gospel Artist
  • Albert Waters       Gospel Artist
  • Summer Waters   Youth New Gospel

Featured Entertainment Report- Thrice Pierced

PorktoberQue features a vide variety of music both days. From classic country, to contemporary Christian, from rock to polka, there’s sure to be something for everyone on two stages at the event, September 27-28 at the Houston County Farm Center. One stage is outside, and the other is in the air-conditioned Biergarten building. There will also be food and drinks as well as merchandise vendors inside.

Today’s featured band is Thrice Pierced

Thrice Pierced is a Christian band in the local Birmingham area. The band plays Christian Contemporary music for local churches, festivals, retreats, youth groups, etc. Thrice Pierced is committed to leading Christians in worship through music and prayer, while inspiring in all persons a love for Christ and passion for righteousness. Various members have been involved in aspects of Christian worship services throughout the Birmingham area. Thrice Pierced is dedicated to promoting unity among the Christian faith. For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. Romans 12:4

On the outside stage from 2-4PM Saturday September 28

Friday Night Entertainment for PorktoberQue Announced

SomerTyme Productions has sponsored the entertainment in the central Festhaus Tent from 5pm-9pm on Friday Oct. 5 for Porktoberque.  SomerTyme Productions is a regional booking and talent company that handles production and booking for many area acts. They will be featuring two of their favorite entertainers for the main stage area on Friday evening.

The fun will kick off at 5:00 pm starting with a redneck comedy/song artist “Big Jimmy”. Big Jimmy is known for his funny redneck voice, comedic song remakes and his rib-tickling jokes. His performance contains a comedy skit that goes into songs. For example: He would tell  jokes about farming and then go into this song after the joke and then tell another joke maybe about him living in a redneck trailor park and then go into this song and so on. Think “Larry The Cable Guy” meets “Weird Al Yankovich”. Big Jimmy also has a partner by the name of “Cracker Jack” that acts out the events in the songs.



Then, after a short break, “THE ECHO” will perform Friday night. Here’s their bio: “THE ECHO” originating from the small town of Echo, Alabama, came together in September of 2011 as a group of friends that shared an impeccable love of music hoping to bring a new and unique sound to the musical world with their soulful songwriting and anomalous lead vocalist that sings and plays the drums at the same time. Members: Brandon Hudson – Drummer/Lead Vocalist, Trent Etheredge – Bass Guitarist, Spencer Enfinger – Rhythm Guitarist/Vocalist, Ryan Welch – Lead Guitarist/Vocals You can hear them here


“SomerTyme Productions” is a band developing business “BDB” that collaborates with individual artists and musicians to form full scale bands for live entertainment….including studio,booking,and management. Call Bobby Somers at 334-791-3751 to inquire about booking either of these bands or the many other groups they currently promote.