Bavarian Themed Festhaus Is More Than Just A Biergarten

In Germany hundreds of years ago, a Biergarten was quite literally an outdoor garden in which to rest and enjoy a mug of beer. Over time Biergartens have evolved and changed to also include indoor areas containing tables and chairs allowing patrons to consume their beverage of choice. PorktoberQue has taken it a step further and created an entertainment and shopping venue inside the air-conditioned Biergarten.

Besides ice-cold draft beers, featuring the Sam Adams Octoberfest, there is scheduled to be a bratwurst vendor and a hot pretzel inside the Biergarten, as well as numerous arts, crafts and merchandise vendors. There will be dozens of tables and hundreds of chairs on which patrons can rest, relax and enjoy the show on the stage inside. The Biergarten stage features all of our authentic Oktoberfest-style music, including the house polka band, The Polka Dots.

The Polka Dots will be playing on Friday, September 26th, from 5:15-6:45 and again from 8:15 until 9:30. They return Saturday, the 27th, to play the opening set at 10am and one final set from 12:30-1:30 pm. The Polka Dots play numerous polkas that you will remember from years gone past, including “The Pennsylvania Polka”, “The Too Fat Polka”, and our favorite, “The Beer Barrel Polka”, plus many other tunes. Friday at 7 pm and Saturday at 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30, the Reptile Discovery Program presented by Bruce Shwedick will give an up close and personal view of snakes, pythons, iguanas, tortoises and other reptiles. Children love this safe and friendly show, so bring your camera and enjoy the reptiles on the Biergarten stage.

Saturday, September 27th, we have invited authentic German musician Beatrice Fulghum to come and play her accordion on the Biergarten stage from 2:45- 3:30 and again from 4:45 until we close the Biergarten that evening. Beatrice has had a permanent gig playing the Hofbrau Haus in Pier Park (Panama City Beach) the past several years, when she is not back in Germany performing, and she delights crowds wherever she goes. The Biergarten is open Friday, September 26, from 5-10 pm and again Saturday, September 27, from 10am-7pm. The Biergarten is a family friendly place, and we encourage the kids to come in, enjoy a place to sit and cool off in the air-conditioning with their parents and to see the Reptile Discovery Program. Many times the bands play songs like “The Chicken Dance” and other fun songs, and kids are encouraged to get up and dance!

For more information on PorktoberQue, The Polka Dots or the Reptile Discovery Program, call (334) 699-1475. To see a list of vendors participating, visit and click on things to do, scrolling down to “vendors and booths to visit”. PorktoberQue is held the last weekend each September at the Houston County Farm Center in Dothan, Alabama and is the area’s only sanctioned KCBS barbecue competition and Oktoberfest. This year PorktoberQue is held on Friday September 26th, from 5-10pm and Saturday, September 27, from 10am-6pm.Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 3.12.08 PM

Beer Stein Sneak Peek

Here’s the proposed 2-color design for the beer steins that will be sold in the Biergarten until they run out:
Each side will have a different design, with the same colors on both sides (which are the Sam Adams Oktoberfest colors). Once we get them in, we will offer a special pre-sale deal here at the office. We think we will sell them in advance for $7.50 each (empty) and you can bring it to PorktoberQue and get a fill-up (and all refills) for just $2.25 each. At PorktoberQue, it will be $10 for a mug if we have any left and it will include a beer. Refills of this mug or last year’s mug are just $2.25 for draft beer. Last year we sold out of mugs on Friday night in just 90 minutes!
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