High Tech Voting

The People’s Choice competition sponsored by Five Star Credit Union has gone high tech this year, thanks to BAMTEXT. Now, spectators to PorktoberQue will vote for their favorite team’s barbecue by texting the team’s assigned number to a local databank. Sampling barbecue is FREE this year and included in your $5 admission ticket, and takes place between 2-4 on September 30th.

The results are tallied and posted in real time and when the People’s Choice competition is over, everyone will know the winning team’s number at the same time.  Only one vote per cell phone is permitted. You can follow the voting results on Saturday, September 30 by clicking here : https://a1.bamtext.com/voting/porktoberque

Here’s what the voting will look like (team numbers assigned on Friday night).


People’s Choice Competition

We are still working out the exact details of the People’s Choice competition, which is one of the favorite parts of PorktoberQue. Spectators get to sample pulled pork entries in a centralized tent (on the Midway most likely) from 11-1. They get to vote for their favorite and the winner receives $250 cash. There is an extra cost to participate as a taster for the People’s Choice but the samples will be many and all the proceeds go to the athletic program at Northview HS for the fall Cross Country program. Tentatively we think it will be $10 to enter the tasting tent and you can sample until you can’t sample any more. (It may change to measured portions, but we will let you know in September exactly the cost and amount of meat you will receive. ) Here’s what we have so far and we’ll add a tab under the “ACTIVITIES” tab with the complete details once we have them. But we wanted to let you know that THERE WILL BE BBQ SAMPLES GALORE AT PORKTOBERQUE! nhs