Welcome to our title sponsor, Pepsi

A big thank you and welcome to our title sponsor for PorktoberQue, Pepsi. Actually it’s Buffalo Rock who is the sponsor, but you know them as Pepsi, or one of their may other great brands. (Plus, the Pepsi PorktoberQue sounds a lot better than the Buffalo Rock PorktoberQue). All vendors serving drinks at PorktoberQue will be asked to sell only Pepsi brands, as a thank you to our sponsor. Please make sure you stay hydrated and drink lots of Pepsi products at PorktoberQue, and stay tuned fro some big announcements from Pepsi and Buffalo Rock!

Make sure you attend the Pepsi PorktoberQue September 23-25, 2016 at the Houston County Farm Center. There’s fun activities, music and events for the whole family! The complete schedule of events for all three days will be posted soon, but save the date for now!

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The Beer Mugs Are IN!

Every year, PorktoberQue has a differently designed mug or beer stein for sale in the Fest Haus by the Biergarten. This year, we went with an Oktoberfest-style dimpled half liter glass stein with a combination of the dated festival logo and the Sam Adams Oktoberfest logo on the front.  Steins will be $12 each including your first draft beer. Draft refills in your souvenir mug will be discounted  (only on draft in the FestHaus) and you can pick from any of the draft beers we have (not just the sponsor beer, Sam Adams Oktoberfest.) The beer  steins are very limited (only 200 will be sold) so make sure you get yours early, as we expect to sell out again quickly! Last year, we sold out of steins in just under 2 hours. A photo of the beer mug we will have this year is below. We filled it up with beer and tested it out to make sure it works! (it does!) Prost! (cheers)

berr mug

Who HASN’T Heard of This Guy?

If you’ve ever shopped in the store for seasoning, if you’ve ever had barbecue in the south, or if you follow the Food network, you’re sure to have heard of Bad Byron’s Butt Rub. One of the most-used pork seasonings in America for the past 19 years (we couldn’t find an updated logo, that’s why we used the “celebrating 12 years” logo above), Butt Rub barbecue seasoning coined the catchy slogan, “A little Butt Rub makes everything better” back in 1997.

Founder Byron Chism created Butt Rub in 1997 after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America. To market his product, he began competing in KCBS sanctioned barbecue competitions, and was one of the top 10 cooks in the KCBS for 7 consecutive years (2000-2007). By this time, Butt Rub had developed a name for itself, and Byron competed in fewer competitions so he could manage and run his growing, successful and wold-wide Butt Rub company.

However, Byron occasionally will come to a great contest and compete just for old times sake and to prove his culinary chops are still sharp.  He’s chosen to come to PorktoberQue in Dothan, Alabama this year to participate int he KCBS sanctioned competition at the Houston County Farm Center. The event, September 23-24, features master smokers competing for $7,900.00 in prize money and the chance to advance to bigger world-wide competitions. You might be able to talk to Byron at the event and learn more about his story if you attend PorktoberQue (but please don’t bother the competitors between 11-2 on Saturday when they are busy getting ready for turn-ins). We wish the ButtRub.com competition team well, and hope you enjoy PorktoberQue!

Weekly Free Ticket Giveaway

It’s again time to give away some tickets! We’ve already given away a couple dozen tickets to PorktoberQue, so maybe you’ll be next! You can enter by clicking this link: PorktoberQue giveaway

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Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.36.03 AMPorktoberQue is Dothan’s Oktoberfest combined with a barbecue cook-off. Besides competitive BBQ cooking, there’s a steak cook off, a bacon competition, and a kids cook. The adult competitions are qualifiers for the World Food Championships later this year in Orange Beach, Alabama. For information on how to enter a cooking competition please all 334-699-1475

Dish Network Returns to Power TV’s in Man Cave

One of the more fun areas of PorktoberQue is the Man Cave, sponsored this year by MIke Schmitz Automotive group. In the Man Cave, you can find a place to grab a seat, enjoy your lunch, and watch sports (SEC football!) on the 4 TV’s we have in the tent. Since the Farm Center doesn’t have a TV service provider already, we rely on Dish Network to help us get a good signal for the TV’s. We use Ronnie at Electronics Unlimited in Ozark to wire up all the TV’s and help us get the good games on the TV’s. Electronics Unlimited is located at 879 Andrews Ave in Ozark and you can call him at 334-445-0993 if you are interested in learning how you too can have crystal clear satellite TV in your house! He will also be set up at PorktoberQue and will be offering special deals to new subscribers. Stop by and see what he can do for you!

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Reptile Discovery Program Returns to PorktoberQue

One of the favorite attractions at PorktoberQue is the Reptile Discovery Program by Bruce Shwedick, and the real stars of the show are the slithery and sometimes slimy reptiles themselves. This year, we are especially pleased that Wyndham Vacation Resorts has chosen to be the reptile show sponsor, so that families can be educated and entertained in between polka bands in the FestHaus again. PLUS, Bruce and the reptiles will be here all three days of PorktoberQue, so you have more than one chance to see the program and pose with the “stars” for photos afterward.  PLEASE make sure you stop by the Wyndham booth and thank them for their sponsorship and maybe even learn about their beautiful properties in Panama City Beach and Destin. PorktoberQue is September 23-25, 2016 at the Houston County Farm Center in Dothan, Alabama. It is a family-friendly Oktoberfest (there is cold beer in the FestHaus) and it is also a barbecue cook off with a car show, Ultimate Air Dogs competition, polka music, outside stage with entertainment and a whole lot more. Call 334-699-1475 for information or a vendor space.

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PorktoberQue is Dothan’s Oktoberfest, held at the Houston County Farm Center the last weekend of September. This year it’s September 23-25 (three days long!) and features polka music, beer, ultimate air dogs dock diving competition, barbecue competition, steak cook off, bacon recipe competition, car show, vendors, food, outside stage, inside Festhaus, kids cook off and more.

Giving Away More Tickets

We’ve given away 12 tickets to PorktoberQue already through our weekly drawings. PorktoberQue is Dothan’s Oktoberfest, September 23-25, 2016 at the Houston County Farm Center in Dothan, Alabama. Congratulations to last week’s winner, Damien B. who got 4 general admission tickets to PorktoberQue. Here’s the link to the new drawing:
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Free Ticket Giveaways begin NOW

We love PorktoberQue, and hope you do, too. We’ve gotten 100 tickets to give away in the 2 1/2 months between now and PorktoberQue, September 23-25, so we figured we’d better hurry up and start giving them away! This week, we are giving away 4 tickets. They are good for 4 people on either Friday or Saturday, or 2 people to come each Friday and Saturday… and here’s the bonus… save your ticket stubs from either day and you can get in free on Sunday!  You can enter by clicking the link here:

PorktoberQue Ticket Giveaway

Or visit Our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PorktoberQue/ and click on the GIVEAWAY tab. Also, if you would be so kind as to share this info with your friends we would appreciate it!
Happy 4th of July to all!

Corn Hole Tournament Details Announced

Cornhole (also known as dummy boardsbean bag tossdadholedoghouseBaggo or Bags) is an American lawn game in which players take turns throwing bags of corn (or bean bags) at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Play continues until a team or player reaches the score of 21.

Sounds easy enough, right? Try your luck and form a two-person corn hole team to compete against others at PorktoberQue. Your $20 entry fee gets you 4 tickets in (a $20 value) and signs you up to compete. All of the $20 registration fee goest to support the NHS Girls Soccer program, which recently went to the state championship in 2016, the first group to go in 15 years of the school’s program.

Your tickets get your 2-person team in the gate Friday night to practice between 6-9 on the boards, and then gets you back in on Saturday to compete. The tournament begins at 2pm. (Your ticket can even get you back in on Sunday to see the finals of the Ultimate Air Dogs championships!) Winners get trophies, bragging rights and other goodies.

For questions on the Corn Hole tournament please call 334-794-3179

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