Sponsor deadline approaching

Thank you to our PorktoberQue sponsors so far. We still have a couple days until the deadline (August 1), so call us at 334-699-1475 if you are interested in being a part of the event.

Thank you to :
Mike Schmitz Automotive
The Thirsty Pig Craft Beer Taproom
Alabama National Guard
ADS Security Systems
World Food Championships
Wiregrass Seniors Magazine

Welcome to our title sponsor, Pepsi

A big thank you and welcome to our title sponsor for PorktoberQue, Pepsi. Actually it’s Buffalo Rock who is the sponsor, but you know them as Pepsi, or one of their may other great brands. (Plus, the Pepsi PorktoberQue sounds a lot better than the Buffalo Rock PorktoberQue). All vendors serving drinks at PorktoberQue will be asked to sell only Pepsi brands, as a thank you to our sponsor. Please make sure you stay hydrated and drink lots of Pepsi products at PorktoberQue, and stay tuned fro some big announcements from Pepsi and Buffalo Rock!

Make sure you attend the Pepsi PorktoberQue September 23-25, 2016 at the Houston County Farm Center. There’s fun activities, music and events for the whole family! The complete schedule of events for all three days will be posted soon, but save the date for now!

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.47.48 PM


Check These Out at PorktoberQue

We are pleased to welcome one of our newest PorktoberQue sponsors, Discount General RV! They will be bringing a few of their campers and RV’s to PorktoberQue so that you can check them out in a fun and low-key atmosphere. Camping is an affordable and fun way to enjoy family time and see the country, so stop by the Discount General RV booth space at PorktoberQue to learn more!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.17.18 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.16.30 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.16.05 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.15.18 AM

Welcome to our newest sponsor, KMX

We’re pleased to have radio powerhouse KMX 1067 WKMX LOGOon board as one of our stage sponsors for PorktoberQue! Not only are they going to help us in promoting the event September 25-26 at the Farm Center, but they plan on brining a number of fun and free games to PorktoberQue for the whole family to play and win prizes!

Some of the fun games you can look for (details coming soon) include the fun revival of BUTT BOWLING, Flying Piggies (kids corn hole game, Nuts and Butts, Pin the tail on the Piggie and many more creative and fun activities to enjoy! The games may change a little as details are being worked out and tweaked, but we’re thrilled to include KMX as a sponsor at PorktoberQue and hope you’ll visit their booth along the fence (near the car show) at the event!


Welcome WTVY to PorktoberQue as one of our Entertainment Sponsors!

WTVY, Dothan’s oldest television station, is proud to partner with PorktoberQue this year as one of the major sponsors of the event. Their commitment to community is evident throughout their 60 year history and this festival is no exception. We are working out the details as to how the family of stations owned by WTVY will participate, but are pleased to announce their support of the 2015 PorktoberQue!


Meet Our Presenting Sponsor, Durden Outdoor Displays

You’ve seen their work, if you’ve ever driven on the Ross Clark Circle, through Enterprise, Eufaula or on any major road in the Wiregrass. Durden Outdoor Displays creates some amazing and eye-catching work for their clients by installing and designing billboards (outdoor advertising) for their clients. They like to say they’ve” Been making clients famous since 1968″.

Here’s some background and history of PorktoberQue’s 2012 presenting sponsor:

Durden Outdoor Displays, Inc is Southern Alabama’s leader in outdoor marketing. Durden has been in the business of making people famous since 1968. With a marketing network of 1000 plus billboard, poster, and full color digital displays your message can be effectively promoted with Durden Outdoor.

The Durden headquarters is located in Dothan, Alabama in a 60,000 square foot facility. Our team has the ability to create, design, and manufacture on site. The award winning Durden Kreative Team works directly with the client to ensure the message fits the promotion to help maximize return on investment. The Durden Kreative Team has an understanding of marketing versus advertising. While some may consider them the same we view them separately. Advertising is pushing a product for short term market gains. A well designed marketing plan can achieve short term market share gains while establishing a brand image in the community.

If you would like to see your business’s bottom line increasing be sure to contact one of our marketing consultants today. We can build a comprehensive marketing plan to make your business “Famous” in the Wiregrass area. Remember there is more to advertising than simply putting a sign up. The professionals at Durden Outdoor can help you put together an effective marketing campaign where you can benefit from short term gains and more importantly show results over the long term. If you would like to read more about our outdoor marketing network be sure to see our products section.

 PorktoberQue is thrilled that Durden Outdoor Displays is helping make this festival FAMOUS! Post a comment here or on our Facebook Page when you see a Durden Outdoor sign featuring PorktoberQue and let’s see if we can locate all the billboards that PorktoberQue is on!


Mosquito Squad, Official Sponsor of PorktoberQue

PorktoberQue 2012 is pleased to announce Mosquito Squad of the Wiregrass is an official sponsor for this year’s festival and will have a booth at the event. Not only can you meet the Mosquito Squad dude, but you can register for free services, prizes and get free goodies at the Mosquito Squad Booth!

So, you might be asking, what is

Mosquito Squad is America’s leading company dedicated exclusively to controlling the annoying outdoor pests that transmit disease and ruin your backyard experience. We view our mission through the eyes of Dread Skeeter, mortal enemy of disease-infested blood suckers across America:

The Dread Skeeter Story
By Dread Skeeter, himself

Hi. I’m Dread Skeeter. My life’s mission is to kill mosquitoes and ticks. I don’t kill because I hate. I kill because I love.

I love kids. I love pets. And I know that mosquitoes and ticks carry diseases that hurt kids and pets. (Adults, too, but I don’t get all mushy over adults – well, maybe moms and grandmas, but that’s where a manly man draws the line.)

Anyway, it’s a crying shame, but most Americans don’t know how dangerous mosquitoes and ticks can be. Fact is, every year scores of people are left with severe, permanent disabilities–all because of a simple bite.

And “new” diseases like West Nile and Lyme are springing up. Statistics will tell you that tens of thousands of Americans are getting sick. What statistics don’t say is that a lot of those people never really feel well again. Ever.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to educating and protecting people from mosquito- and tick-borne diseases.

The things you can do to help protect your family are simple and easy.

As a professional, I can help with some of them. As a professional, I understand how to do the job in the most effective way with the least possible impact on the environment.

I could blab on about how dedicated I am to good service (which I am). I could tell you about my 100% satisfaction guarantee. But, what I really want you to know is how important it is to do everything you can to protect your family. So, if you do nothing else, read about those prevention measures on the pages aboutmosquitoes and ticks.

Dad With BabyMosquito Squad protection allows families to “take back” their backyard from dangerous insects

I know a lot of people think I’m an alarmist. All they really care about is a yard free from annoying, biting pests. I’m cool with that. I’ll still help you enjoy your yard. I’ll just secretly feel good about protecting your family while I’m at it.


Dread Skeeter

Harley of Dothan to showcase bikes at PorktoberQue

Harley Davidson of Dothan

The fine folks at Harley Davidson of Dothan have seen the value and humor in sponsoring the 2012 PorktoberQue (come on— the HOG group is a sponsor of a pork fest!? How awesome is that?!) They also appreciate the opportunity to bring their product to the masses at the event, and will most likely have several bikes set up for people to drool over and fondle. We are grateful that they not only support community events, but particularly that they are supporting a first-year event in the Wiregrass. We still need lots of support from other businesses who would like to incorporate event marketing into their advertising repertoire— if your company would like to bring their product or message to PorktoberQue, give us a call at (334) 699-1475

In the mean time, if you’re over at the Harley shop in Dothan, please make sure to tell Alan or Dutch that you applaud their support of Dothan’s first KCBS sanctioned barbecue competition, PorktoberQue!

Meet one of our vendors… the Nanny Nest

The Nanny Nest is an up and coming service company here in the Wiregrass area and their goal is to provide co-parenting services to the community through in-home nanny and child care services. You can visit their booth at PorktoberQue, where they will be partnered with It’s My Party Boutique and will be giving away goodies for the kids, and providing information on their services.

Nanny Nest owner, Tamara Davis, explains her company in these words, “We are excited to introduce this concept of child care, to many people that may have thought this was not an option for them. In addition to providing quality, loving, in-home child care, we strive to keep it simple. Not only do we research and qualify our nanny staff, but we offer to work with the family to manage all the details associated with employing their in-home care provider.  Visit nannynest.com where you  will find that we offer many types of child care services from full time, part time and occasional sitters as well as referral services.


So, here we are 101 days from PorktoberQue and we’re looking for sponsors to cover a variety of venues and activities. The sponsor fees make the event free to spectators, so we get more people out to enjoy a wide range of activities. And sponsors get a whole lot more out of their investment than a warm and fuzzy feeling… they get a great return on their investment through Event Marketing!

Event Marketing is quickly becoming the most successful way to put your business in front of people! By being a sponsor of a fun event that draws a crowd, you can place your product, service or business in front of potential customers. Studies show that people are more receptive to receiving a marketing message when they are relaxed and having fun. Plus, when they meet you (or your staff) in a friendly, neutral atmosphere and can put a smiling face to your product or service, you gain their trust and possibly their business.

The amount of publicity, advertising and benefit you receive depends on your level of sponsorship. To make it affordable for as many businesses as possible, there are levels of sponsorship available from $250 up to $5,000. While it is true that them higher level sponsor that you are, the more benefits you receive, even the $250 sponsor can expect to receive a 2:1 ROI on their money!

Here are available sponsorship levels for PORKTOBERQUE 2012 

Title Sponsorship- $5000  * Limited to one– The title sponsor will receive top billing in all printed and electronic advertising as the sponsor of PorktoberQue. The title sponsor logo and/ or name will be used in all posters, postcards, billboards, news print ads and magazine advertising, and will be mentioned in all press releases and press conferences. This level of sponsorship also includes the largest logo and link on the web site, www.porktoberque.com and will receive 2 banners no smaller than 3’ x 6’ with their logo welcoming people to the event, and a premium space no larger than 40’ x 20’ to promote or sell their product. Title Sponsor will receive 10 VIP all-inclusive weekend passes to the festival, good for all access to any VIP happenings.  Sponsor name on Grand Champion and Reserve Champion trophies and the overall winner trophies, as well as the right to award such trophies and winners checks at the festival awards ceremony.


Entertainment Sponsorship- $3500 *Limited to two – The Entertainment Sponsor will receive special advertising in printed and electronic advertising promoting the entertainment/ and or stage at the festival, and will be mentioned as the entertainment sponsor of PorktoberQue. The entertainment sponsor logo and/ or name will be used in posters, postcards, billboards, news print ads and magazine advertising that mentions the entertainment, and will be mentioned in all press releases and press conferences. This level of sponsorship also includes a logo and link on the web site, www.porktoberque.com  The day of the event, the entertainment sponsor will receive a stage banner no smaller than 3’ x 6’ with their logo, and a premium space no larger than 30’ x 20’ to promote or sell their product. Entertainment Sponsor will receive 6 VIP all-inclusive weekend passes to the festival.

Dining Tent Sponsorship- $1500 *Limited to three– The Dining Tent Sponsor will receive a logo in printed and electronic advertising promoting the BBQ festival activities, as well as a logo and link on the web site, www.porktoberque.com, a banner no smaller than 3’ x 6’ with their logo in the on the Dining Tent (an area to sit and enjoy food from the festival) area, and a premium space no larger than 10’ x 20’ to promote or sell their product (able to sell in booth space both days of festival). Tent Sponsor will also receive 2 VIP all-inclusive weekend passes to the festival.

People’s Choice Sponsorship- $1250 *One available– The People’s Choice Sponsor will receive a logo in printed and electronic advertising promoting the BBQ festival activities, as well as a logo and link on the web site, www.porktoberque com, a banner no smaller than 3’ x 6’ with their logo in the on the People’s Choice Ballots. The People’s Choice provides samples of BBQ to participants and allows people to vote on the winners.  Sponsor to also receive a premium 10’ x 20’ space to promote or sell their product (able to sell in booth space both days of festival) and 2 VIP all-inclusive weekend passes to the festival.

Activities Sponsor – $1100  *There are four available– The Activities Sponsor will get their choice of activity venues and receive a logo in printed and electronic advertising promoting the BBQ festival activities, as well as a logo and link on the web site, www.porktoberque.com  Activities include: A BBQ Cooking class, children’s craft area complete with sand art and crafts, Reptile Discovery show or venue of sponsors’s request as long it fits within the budget.  This sponsor will receive a banner no smaller than 3’ x 6’ with their logo in the on the activity of their choice, and have the option to man said activity, providing an opportunity to interact with potential clients in a fun atmosphere, as well as a space no larger than 10’ x 20’ to promote or sell their product.

“Official Sponsor”- (multiple available) $1,000 *– Your company, product or service can be designated as the “Official _____________ Sponsor of PorktoberQue. Only one of each product sponsorship of this nature will be sold, but may not interfere with the greater sponsorship levels. Examples include, soft drinks, bottled water, cellular phone, printer, bank, gas station, etc. An official sponsor may advertise that they are the Official XXX of PorktoberQue and will also receive a link on the festival web site, the right to have a booth at the Festival to promote or sell product, as well as a logo on the “Official Sponsors” banner which will be displayed at the gate during the festival.


Supporting Smoker Sponsor- $250– A Supporting Smoker receives a 10’ x 20’ premium booth space at the festival in which to sell or promote products or services and a name mention on posters and on the web site.


Non-Profit Booth $100- Non-Profits can receive a 10’ x 10’ booth space at the festival in which to sell or promote products or services, or solicit donations for their charitable cause.


AS YOU CAN SEE, there are a number of levels in which your business or organization can become involved in event marketing and sponsoring PorktoberQue. Please give me a call at (334) 699-1475 to arrange a no-obligation meeting so we can get your business some extra exposure and marketing opportunities through our event October 5-6, 2012.