Upgraded TV situation in the Man Cave

The Man Cave sponsored by Schmitz Automotive Group is a great place to sit down, get out of the sun, and enjoy your food and drinks. It’s also a spot where you have been able to watch the SEC football games on TVs we had in the tent. We hung those TVs from the poles and were able to have 3 units that were about 40″ (the heaviest we could suspend from the tent poles).

This year, through a partnership with Camping World of Dothan we have upgraded our TVs for the Man Cave! They are bringing three large RVs to park on 3 sides of the Man Cave tent. These RVs will have large flat screen TVs mounted to the side and should be covered somewhat with an awning so the glare won’t be bad. You’ll be able to sit inside the Man Cave and watch the TVs and catch the games while you’re at PorktoberQue having fun with your family.

As if that weren’t enough, Camping World will be giving away bags, goodies and swag all weekend if you stop by and visit their booth or take a tour of one of the RVs at PorktoberQue. 

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