8 Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Barotrauma (2024)

Barotrauma is a challenging survival simulator where you take on the role of a submarine crew braving the mysterious horrors and wonders of Europa. As you traverse a vast underwater network that now houses humanity in small havens, everything can go wrong at any point.

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This is not the type of game that holds your hand as you learn the ropes. It’s easy to lose track of time as you explore and try to expand your submarine with all crew members intact, but there are quite a few things we definitely wish we knew before strapping in.

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You can take on different roles in Barotrauma. As such, every member keeps things in ship shape by focusing on their designated tasks and using tools most suited to their skill sets. Every role even comes with its own skill tree, so it may seem like you just need to leave the welding and all of that to the mechanics. That is, of course, a huge mistake.

You can have a seemingly peaceful journey easily interrupted by all manner of beasts, enemy ships, and just plain terrain that you might accidentally crash into. When your hull is breached, the speed with which all things go to hell is astounding. Make sure everyone is ready with their own welding tool to patch those holes up when water starts crashing in from every direction.

7 Upgrade Your Diving Gear ASAP

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Any basic submarine should have its fair share of diving suits available for crew members to use as needed. This is necessary if you have missions that require you to leave the submarine. Even if your job mainly keeps you aboard the sub, you’ll still want one handy in case the hull is breached.

Without a good diving suit, you will die to water pressure and be unable to breathe underwater. With the upgraded combat diving suit, you will have a bit more defense and speed at your disposal. This may not seem like much, but sometimes life and death are separated only by how quickly you can swim away and repair an engine.

6 Multiplayer Servers Can Be… A Mess

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So, you want to take on Europa with random players! That’s cool and gives you the opportunity to make new friends and feel more immersed in the whole storyline of misfits just being thrown together because this is the kind of work available. The way the game is designed makes it feel like it was truly built for co-op, so it is worth trying the multiplayer servers if your buddies don’t have a copy of the game.

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That said, a lot of servers can be a real mixed bag of chaos. Perhaps this appeals to you, in which case there’s nothing to worry about. Otherwise, be ready for a whole other journey filled with violence from your own crewmates that think you’re a traitor, random griefers, and tons of players that simply do not use any comms whatsoever.

5 Active Sonar Calls Attention

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When navigating the pitch-black waters of Jupiter’s moon, you must largely rely on your submarine’s sonar to check for possible hostiles, objectives, and obstructions. Captains usually take on this responsibility, but anyone can control the deck.

You can choose between passive or active sonar, with the latter casting a wider net that can detect more points of interest. As helpful as this is, the active sonar also attracts the unwanted attention of threshers, crawlers, and all manner of horrors that lurk in the deep. Be mindful of using active sonar, because it always comes with an inherent risk.

4 Having Your Own Crew Is A World Of Difference

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Although the game has recruitable bots, you really want to start with a small group that includes some friends for the best experience. Solo play for beginners can prove ultimately frustrating, while multiplayer servers are very hit or miss.

When you have a crew that you can actually communicate with, missions can go by much smoother and your chances of survival will definitely jump tenfold. After all, who needs to play Among Us when you’ve already got reactors imploding, leviathan underwater beasts tracking you down, and a charming selection of afflictions hitting crew members every two seconds?

3 The Tutorial Will Not Prepare You For Everything

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Barotrauma offers a basic tutorial to get you ready for your first voyage. There are also various specialized tutorials that are job-specific since there are different mechanics that apply depending on whether you are a medical doctor, captain, engineer, mechanic, security officer, or assistant. From this section alone, it’s already quite a lot to take in.

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Even after you’ve seemingly learned the ropes for the job that appeals to you, though, you will quickly learn that the tutorial absolutely did not cover all the aspects you’ll need as you go on more trips. A lot of the fun (and difficulty) to be found in this game is about learning how to do certain tasks yourself and figuring out how best to use the tools at your disposal. Just be ready for a lot of dying and oopsie-daisies.

2 Every Role Is Essential

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You can technically just have a whole crew with the same jobs but that is simply tempting fate and asking for an icy death. Barotrauma can be very satisfying when everyone does their jobs right, so make sure you have a good understanding of your exact role. It may not be something you want to hear in a game, but every crewmember should study up on their tasks and talents.

This isn’t the type of game where your build can be a jack of all trades. It’s especially worth figuring out what is best for the whole crew when each member builds their skill tree. Of course, you can always hop around jobs if you like an extra challenge.

1 Everything Needs Juice

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Wires! Repairs! Power!

It makes sense that everything in your submarine needs to be juiced up, but the complexity of this system will make itself known to you the moment you’re midway through a voyage and find that you need to configure wires to add upgrades and consider how much fuel this is going to consume. That doesn’t even take into account how often things break down. On top of that, helpful tools like the portable sonar, underwater scooter, and stun baton all require battery power.

Be ready to manage your nuclear reactor and engine with a level of stress you may not have unlocked before. Just do yourself a favor and make sure you have an Engineer on board.

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8 Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Barotrauma (2024)


Is there an ending to barotrauma? ›

Well, they did add an actual ending to the campaign, that is like 2-3 hours long from what I've read, "testing the skills you and your crew have acquired throughout your journey", also overhauls to the factions and adding more content and story missions. Compared to what it was before, this did become an actual game.

How long does it take to complete barotrauma? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Barotrauma is about 43½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 139 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the best starting sub in barotrauma? ›

Dugong is a beginner-friendly, highly accessible sub. In fact, despite its relatively cheap purchase price, many players consider Dugong to be one of Barotrauma's best vanilla submarines in general (a handy tip that beginners should keep in mind).

What is the starting balance in barotrauma? ›

Starting Balance

How much money is received at the start of a campaign. Also effects which starting submarine can be bought. Sets the starting balance—Low: 6,000 mk, Medium: 8,500 mk, High: 10,000 mk.

Who is the final boss of barotrauma? ›

Jove is the final boss of Barotrauma that was introduced in 1.0. 7.0. An ancient god-like creature found in the Eye of Europa, it is worshipped by Ancients.

Can you revive a deceased person in barotrauma? ›

Note that crew members who die during a round cannot respawn and are lost forever, unless revived with Console Commands before changing levels.

What is the best gun in Barotrauma? ›

The Ancient Weapon is a powerful weapon of alien design that can be very rarely found within the Alien Ruins. It takes up both hands when equipped. It is the best handheld weapon in Barotrauma in terms of sheer damage output and destructive capability.

What is the hardest creature in Barotrauma? ›

Endworms cannot be inflicted with bleeding, adding to their incredible resilience. As the Endworm is the most dangerous creature in Barotrauma, players are advised to kill it at all costs. A Railgun loaded with several nuclear shells is the most effective way of dealing with it.

What is the best stun weapon in Barotrauma? ›

1 Stun Baton

This weapon, while being one of the most basic in all of Barotrauma, is also one of the most effective. Any player can craft the stun baton, and its stun effect makes it incredibly useful in dealing with rogue enemies and other players alike.

How do you activate cheats in Barotrauma? ›

First off open the console by pressing F3, then type 'enablecheats'. Afterwards you can use a variety of commands to give yourself skills, experience, items or money.

What is the deepest you can go in Barotrauma? ›

The highest depth value takes priority.
  • Default - 0 meters.
  • Diving Suit - 4,000 meters.
  • Combat Diving Suit - 6,000 meters.
  • Slipsuit - 6,000 meters.
  • PUCS - 6,000 meters.
  • Abyss Diving Suit - 10,000 meters.
  • Exosuit - 10,000 meters.
  • Funbringer 3000 - 10,000 meters.
Dec 30, 2023

Does load order matter in Barotrauma? ›

Note: Load order only matters if you are hosting a game, all client's load orders will be the same as the host's.

What is the point of barotrauma? ›

The primary goal in Barotrauma's Campaign mode is to maintain a Submarine and navigate it through the depths of Europa. Players can individually control any crew member on board and hire new ones in Outposts; all crew members have a specific Job which influences what Skills the character excels at.

Can you hallucinate in barotrauma? ›

Caused by being inside of a Bioluminescent Cave. Unlike Psychosis, Hallucinating does not make afflicted persons see fake effects or hear fake sounds. 0-50 (Self): "There's something strange going on with your senses." 50-100 (Self): "The things you hear and see appear so real!

Do beds heal you in barotrauma? ›

Beds and Bunks are Installations that can be slept in. They slowly heal the sleeping crewmate over time.

Does barotrauma have a story? ›

The game takes place in a submarine traveling in the subsurface ocean. The player's job is to keep the submarine operational, while carrying out various tasks to earn funds for buying supplies and hiring new crew members. Along with this, the player must also watch out for monsters that inhabit the ocean.

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