Toronto Airport Train | Railways, Timetables, Tickets (2024)

The Toronto Airport Train

The UP Express is the fast and effective train line linking the airport to the city of Toronto. It is by far the best value-for-money option, as well as one of the most preferred modes of transit from the airport. The train is accessible, offers free Wi-Fi, charging points, and live flight updates, and is equipped with folding tables and baggage racks. Overall, UP -the air-rail line- is considered a speedy and reliable part of Pearson airport’s ground transportation.

The Schedule and Route of the UP Express Train

The airport train leaves the UP Express Station and heads to the city center, linking Toronto Airport to downtown. Verily, it runs to Weston Station (providing connections with the GO Transit Kitchener Line), Bloor Station (where passengers can also change to the Kitchener Line or opt for the Bloor Danforth Subway Line 2) before reaching its terminus, the city’s major rail hub -the Union Station. From the Union Station, travelers can hop on the VIA Rail or the Yonge-University Subway Line 1. The UP’s traveling time to Weston Station is 11 minutes, to Bloor Station 17 minutes, and to Union Station 25 minutes. It runs on a frequent basis, with available routes almost every 15 minutes, from 05:27 am to 11:27 pm on weekdays and from 06:27 am to 11:27 pm on weekends and during public holidays.

Where is the Train Station at Toronto Pearson Airport?

Even though Toronto International Airport has two terminal buildings, only T1 houses a rail station. Thus, the airport’s train station is to be found in terminal 1, right next to the Terminal Link Station. The Terminal Link is the automated and free airport train, handling rides between terminals and to Viscount Station. Hence, if you want to reach the UP Express Station and are landing at terminal 1, all you’ll have to do is following the signs indicating “Train to city”. If arriving at terminal 3, you’ll have to use the Link Train to get to terminal 1. Fortunately, the Link Train runs around the clock.

Toronto Airport Train Ticket Fares and Prices

In general terms, Toronto airport train fares are calculated based on the traversed distance. Hence, they vary depending on the disembarking station. You can opt for one-way tickets or tickets for round trips. The one-way fare for the rail ride to Union Station is 12.35$/9 USD/8.40€ (the round trip costs 24.70$/18 USD/16.80€), whereas the price for the journey to Weston is 5.30$/3.90 USD/3.70€ and to Bloor Station 5.65$/4.12 USD/3.90€. Tickets are available online or through the relevant app. Alternatively, you can purchase them from the automatic ticket machines of the UP Express Station or from the UP Express Customer Service Counter located in the International Arrivals area of T1. However, only payments via bank cards are accepted. Conversely, automatic payment devices accept cash payments as well.

On the other hand, you can buy a rechargeable PRESTO Card costing 6$/4.37 USD/4.10€ and benefit from its perks. PRESTO Cards offer lower prices for rail tickets and are valid for the TTC and the Go Transit lines too. Moreover, they provide discounts for many of Toronto’s sights and events. Nevertheless, only one-way fares can be loaded to PRESTO Cards. They are available from the automatic payment devices of the station, online, or from the counter at Toronto airport terminal 1 (using only credit or debit cards). With the PRESTO Card, the ticket from Pearson Airport to Union Station is priced at 9.25$/6.70 USD/6.30€, whereas the Toronto airport train to Weston Station costs 4.71$/3.40 USD/3.20€. Finally, the price for the rail journey to Bloor Station is 5.02$/3.70 USD/3.47€. Please remember that you’ll have to tap your PRESTO Card once entering the Up Express Station and before exiting your destination station.

Last but not least, contactless payments have been recently accepted throughout the UP train network. Thus, you can use a contactless bank card or your mobile to pay for your rail fare. In that case, you’ll have to tap the card, the mobile, or even your smartwatch to one of the airport’s PRESTO payment devices.

Our Tip 1: PRESTO Cards aren’t personal. Hence, they can be used by multiple passengers, yet not at the same time.

Our Tip 2: Children between 0 and 12 years of age travel for free.

Our Tip 3: Families (2 adults with up to 3 children up to 19 years of age) can benefit from . They can leave their car at the airport for up to 24 hours and ride the UP to downtown Toronto paying a total fare of just 35$ (25.50 USD/24€).

Are there trains at Toronto Airport?

The UP Express Train leaves the Toronto airport train station, connecting Pearson Airport to the city center. The air-rail line runs from 05:27 am to 11:27 pm on a 15-minute frequency and reaches downtown Toronto in just 25 minutes.

How much is the train from Toronto Airport?

A one-way ticket from Pearson Airport to Union Station costs 12.35$/9 USD/8.40€. On the other hand, with a PRESTO Card, the Toronto airport train fare is slightly lower, at 9.25$/6.70 USD/6.30€. Nevertheless, you’ll have to pay an additional 6$/4.37 USD/4.10€ to buy the rechargeable PRESTO Card.

How often does the train run from Pearson Airport to Union Station?

The UP Express operates from 05:27 am to 11:27 pm during the week and from 06:27 am to 11:27 pm on weekends and public holidays. Its routes are frequent. As a matter of fact, it runs every 15 minutes.

Toronto Airport Train | Railways, Timetables, Tickets (2024)


How often do trains run from Union Station to Pearson Airport? ›

Each UP Express station is conveniently located so that it can be reached by car and through major transit connections. Each trip from Union to Pearson station takes 25 minutes and includes brief stops at Bloor and Weston GO Stations. Trains run every 15 minutes.

Is the Toronto airport train free? ›

Take the free Terminal Link train to Terminal 1, where you can access VIA Rail transit (via UP Express connection).

Does Toronto Pearson Airport have a train station? ›

Where to catch the UP Express train at Pearson Airport. From Terminal 1: Follow the “Train to City” signs. From Terminal 3: Take the free Terminal Link Train to Terminal 1 and follow the “Train to City” signs.

What is the easiest way to get from Toronto airport to downtown? ›

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get from Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to Union Station in Downtown Toronto is to take the Union Pearson Express train. This direct train takes just 25 minutes to reach the heart of Downtown and costs 8.30€ ($12.35 CAD) one-way.

How do I get to Pearson Airport early in the morning? ›

The 300A Bloor-Danforth route provides overnight bus service along Danforth Avenue and Bloor Street to Pearson Airport.
  1. Buses serve Jetliner Road at Airport Road (Ground Level), then Terminal 1 (Ground Level), and then Terminal 3 (Arrivals Level).
  2. Service operates from approximately 2 a.m. to 5 a.m., seven days a week.

How early to arrive at Union Station for VIA rail? ›

It's best to arrive at the station half an hour before departure for travel within the Corridor, and one hour before departure for long distance trains.

Where do I catch the Union Pearson Express? ›

Exiting baggage claim, locate the Union Pearson Express service counter in Terminal 1, adjacent to the international arrivals hall. Either take the escalator to the right of the UP Express service counter (to Level 2, and turn right), Or the elevators located along the back wall next to connecting Arrivals Hall.

What is the difference between terminal 1 and terminal 3 at Pearson Airport? ›

Terminal 1: Air Canada and all Star Alliance airlines are based at Terminal 1. Emirates is the only non-alliance airline that uses the terminal. Terminal 3: Terminal 3 is used by all SkyTeam and Oneworld airlines, as well as all other airlines that are unaffiliated with an airline alliance.

How much is a taxi from Toronto airport to downtown? ›

Toronto Airport Taxi Rates and Prices

For example, a taxi ride from Toronto Airport to downtown Toronto costs 61$/44 USD/41€. On the other hand, even if tipping in Toronto is optional, passengers usually tip their driver (10%-15% of the final fare) for pleasant drives.

How far is Toronto train station from airport? ›

The distance between Toronto Airport (YYZ) and Toronto Union Station is 24 km. The road distance is 28.2 km.

How to book a ride from Toronto airport? ›

You don't need to pre-book a taxi or limo if you're arriving at Pearson Airport, but it is an option if you like to plan ahead. To pre-arrange a taxi or limo, contact the company of your choice. When you arrive at the airport, go to the designated area and let the dispatcher know you are waiting for your ride.

How early should I arrive at Pearson for an international flight? ›

Flying out of Toronto Pearson (YYZ) to the U.S. or another international destination? If your flight departs before 9 am, please consider arriving at the airport no later than 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure. This is to guarantee you have sufficient time to navigate through security and customs procedures.

How much does an Uber cost from Toronto airport to downtown Toronto? ›

UberX rates for popular routes from YYZ Airport
YYZ Airport toAverage route price*
1 more row

How long is the UP train from Pearson to Union? ›

Offering service between Toronto Pearson International Airport and Union Station in 25 minutes, the Union Pearson Express has simplified how Canada's busiest travel hubs are connected.

Does Pearson Airport have a shuttle service? ›

Requests to stop the shuttle can also be made directly to the shuttle driver so you can disembark anywhere along their route. Our in-terminal shuttle service is available after security across both terminals with service to most gates where physical space allows.

How frequently does the UP Express run? ›

The Union Pearson Express (UP Express) is a dedicated air rail link service that connects Toronto Pearson International Airport to Union Station in the heart of downtown in just 25 minutes. UP Express trains depart every 15 minutes, 19 ½ hours a day between 05:30 and 01:00.

How frequent is Airport Express? ›

Travel comfortably between the airport and Central in just 24 minutes on the Airport Express. Trains depart at approximately 10 minutes intervals from 05:54 to 00:48 daily.

Is there a shuttle from Union Station to Billy Bishop airport? ›

Find out how to get to and from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport quickly and easily by taking the complimentary shuttle bus. Six complimentary shuttle buses connect passengers between Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and Toronto's Union Station, with connections to public and regional transit.

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